On why murdering special needs children is always bad

I was replying to a post elsewhere, where the author showed deep compassion and sympathy for Dorothy Spourdalakis. She didn't have any special needs children herself, and took the position of thinking it wasn't fair to judge because she could never know what Dorothy's experience had been. She was deeply affected by Alex's story and I can understand how she felt she was walking a kind and non-judgmental road, but she had really missed the point - which is that murdering our children is never okay.

As I replied and tried to inform her of a different world view, it came to me like a revelation, the simple explanation for others of why it is not okay to do this.

FACT: Special needs parents are not somehow especially able to kill our children, and we shouldn't be afforded extra privileges to do so either.

FACT: Parents who do kill their children have their own special thing going on in their heads, and it's not because of the child. It was there already, their capacity to kill. Autism has nothing to do with it.

I can't currently think of a way to make it any simpler.

We value our children as much as you value yours. We would put our lives on the line for our children just like you. Killing our children is not on our agenda any more than it is on yours. If people from within our ranks kill their children, they absolutely deserve judgement, just like you do if you kill yours.


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