This is a bit of a plug for Landon Bryce, who is the author/artist behind thAutcast: Aspergers and Autism Community

Landon writes some brilliant stuff, but of late he has really grabbed my attention with his very succinct cartoon slides, designed to educate us neurotypicals about the experience of people with ASDs. He holds up a mirror to us, showing us what our words sound like to someone with autism. With just a few words Landon expresses so much, and in a nutshell manages to say some of the things I have been trying to impart for years.

Remember it's about Acceptance vs Tolerance. People with ASDs are different, not defective!

Here are some of his cartoons below (in the order Landon created them). I will continue to share others he as he produces more.

"Don't you want to help us fight autism?"
"Um... No. Not really. I'm autistic."

"Why don't you want to help autistic children?"
"I do. I just don't think you can help people by telling them they are broken."

"This is going to be FUN!"
"Somehow I doubt that."

"Excuse me, doctor? It hurts my feelings when you say autistic people like me don't have empathy."
"Are you sure? According to my research, you don't have feelings to hurt."

"Sometimes I feel good about my autism."
"How can you say that!!!"
"Autism destroys families!"
"If you feel good, you must not really be autistic."
"You are keeping children with autism from being cured!"

"Sometimes I feel bad about my autism."
"How can you say that!!!"
"Autism is evolution!"
"Bad autistic people like you hold us all back!"
"You are encouraging genocide!"

"I'm autistic and it seems rude -"
"Please use people-first language!"
" - Okay. You seem like a person with rudeness when you tell me what to call myself."

"It makes me uncomfortable when you flap your hands like that."
"It makes me uncomfortable when I don't."

"Oh. Could you stop?"

"Why do you want to put yourself down by calling yourself 'autistic'?"
"How is it putting myself down to be honest about who I am?"

"I think autism is a fad!"
"I wish ignorance was a fad."

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