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Too often, people see autism as a tragedy. 

"I'm so sorry you're autistic."
"I'm not!"

Sometimes autistic people find it hard to connect with others - but it's not always the autistic person who has a deficit. This one is possibly a little confronting for neurotypicals, but that doesn't make it less correct.

"In some ways, my autism makes me so smart that the rest of the world has trouble keeping up with my brain."

Again, in the theme of people seeing autism as a tragedy...

"Are people with autism allowed to be that happy?"
"Maybe not, but autistic people are!"

Sensory issues can be a major barrier to communication.

"I'm sorry, but the soap you used today is hurting my nose and my eyes.
I can't hear anything you are saying."

Just because someone interacts differently, doesn't mean they need to be cured, doesn't mean that their life isn't worthwhile exactly as it is, doesn't mean they can't add value to your life.

"I don't talk. At all. But my life is worth living and I am worth getting to know."

The quiet moments are very valuable. Think outside the box a little. Why not choose a friend who doesn't talk?

"Conversation is okay. But friendship is better."

It's not all roses and rainbows.

"Sometimes it's cool to be different.
And sometimes it just makes me sad and tired."

People often equate silence with intellectual impairment.

"He doesn't talk. I wonder if there's anything happening in his head."

Artist: Landon Bryce
Images are sourced from: 
thAutcast: Aspergers and Autism Community

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